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Complidermol 5α Shampoo, 200ml


Category: dermocosmetics, FOR THE PREVENTION OF HAIR LOSS
Available packages: shampoo 200 ml
Composition: Solubilized isoflavonoids 2.5%; Pygeum africanum extract 1%; Serenoa repens extract 1%; Gingko biloba extract 0.5%; panthenol 1%; biotin 0.01%.
Directions: Apply the shampoo to wet hair and lather gently, rinse and repeat, leaving the shampoo on for several minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

Use at least 2-3 times a week. Recommended long term use.

Data for pharmacies: BLOZ:7084855 EAN: 8435373703609

Complidermol 5α SHAMPOO is specially formulated to reduce hair loss, stimulate hair growth and strengthen hair structure.

Complidermol 5α Shampoo is designed for people with excessive hair loss and increased scalp seborrhea. Suitable for all hair types, both fine and thin.

Most typically the problem of excessive hair loss in both men and women is due to elevated levels of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) within the hair follicles which leads to shrinkage of the hair follicles and excessive seborrhea of the scalp.

The complex of Pygeum africanum and Serenoa repens extracts contained in Complidermol 5α SHAMPOO inhibits the conversion of testosterone into DHT by inhibiting 5α-reductase, the enzyme responsible for converting testosterone into DHT. As a result these extracts prevent excessive hair loss.

In addition Complidermol 5α SHAMPOO contains ingredients that improve blood supply to the scalp, resulting in better nourishment and oxygenation to the hair bulb; and biotin known for its beneficial effects on hair growth.

Simultaneous use of Complidermol 5α Shampoo and Complidermol 5α Lotion enhances the beneficial effects of each product and provides a complete treatment against excessive hair loss.

To an additional benefit, strengthen your hair from within with Complidermol 5α capsule food supplement to help keep your hair healthy and strong.